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Reservation Information:
  • For room availability and reservation information, call us at 815-253-9020, or email us. 

  • After you have contacted us to confirm availability:

    • Click here to make a down payment to reserve the Blue, Coral, or Yellow room. 

    • Click here to make a down payment to reserve the Attic Suite or to reserve more than one room.

General Information:
  • We recommend using our directions for your travel.

  • Check in time 3 p.m. till 10 p.m. If possible, please provide us an approximate time of arrival.

  • Check out 12:00 noon (we can be flexible).

  • Each night stay includes a full breakfast.

  • Please let us know if you have any food allergies.

  • We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

  • Restaurant availability is very limited within a 20 mile radius in our location. We provide our guests meals besides breakfast at additional charge. Please let us know in advance if you wish to have dinner or lunch.

  • With advance notice, we can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and non-gluten diets as well as various food allergies.

  • Children of all ages welcome - we have a portable crib and a booster chair available for use

  • Pets (dogs) welcome (prearranged). Read our guest pet policy.

  • Free wireless guest internet available (also to campers)

  • Smoking restricted to outdoors.

  • Gift certificates available.

Pet Policy
  • We charge extra for a dog to stay.  Rates depends on size:

    • 5-15 lbs. - $15/day

    • 15-25 lbs. - $25/day

    • 25 lbs and over - $35/day 

  • You need to bring its own food and feeder.

  • Please make sure that your dog is on a leash when outside - we do have farm animals and some dogs will chase them.  Also, some dogs love to swim in our lily pond, so we want to make sure the dog doesn’t get into the pond because it can destroy the lilies and other plants.

  • The dog is welcome in your room but not on the bed. The reason is that we sometimes have guests that are allergic to pets and we want to make sure the linens don't have dog hair on them. We would also appreciate if the dog doesn’t have any accidents in the bedroom.

  • Basically, we expect guest dogs to behave as well as our dogs.

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