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The Lily Pond

The lily pond is a relaxing place to sit and visit, contemplate, read a book, meditate, or simply be with nature. Enjoy the sound of the waterfall or search for a frog on a lily pad.

At night, roast marshmallows at the adjacent firepit.


Finding and counting frogs is a favorite activity of both young and old. 

Pond bench.JPG

Relax in the garden furniture looking upon the pond. 

Pergola and swing.JPG

Swing in the pergola while enjoying the sounds of the waterfalls and birds.

How many frogs can you count?


The pond sports a collection of hardy water lilies along with other flowers.

Pond with Koi.jpg

Enjoy the koi and goldfish.

Miss Muscovey2_edited_edited.jpg

Years ago, we had a cute pet duck that loved the pond. 

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