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A Little History


Guia and Mark Hoffman

We purchased our 1900's vintage farmhouse in 1986. Having sat unoccupied for almost four years, it was in need of extensive renovation. We immediately set to work and over the years renovated the main house, then in 1991 added a sunroom that we now use for guest breakfasts and other entertaining. We are both avid gardeners, having planted in our yard ~60 trees, a large variety of shrubs and vines, and numerous flower beds.  We have also maintained an organic garden and orchard since 1986 that supplies much of the food for our personal use, as well as for our guests.   In 1996 we added a gazebo which has served as the chapel for our numerous wedding ceremonies, then in 1999 we transformed the least appealing area of our yard (for some reason nothing grew well there) into a lily pond that is now the highlight of the grounds.

In 1995 -1997 Guia studied culinary arts at the Joliet Junior College Culinary Arts school in nearby Joliet. Shortly after that our son Warren left for college leaving us empty nesters and wondering what to do with this big house?? Our friends and family who stayed with us from time to time remarked that with our rooms and many gardens, we should run a bed and breakfast.  Since the idea appealed to us, we renovated the bedrooms, and in 2001 opened the doors to business.  We both enjoy raising food, serving our guests and hearing their experiences. 


The entire family enjoyed creating the lily pond in 1999.  Here we are relaxing after a job well done.

Family 25th.jpg

Guia and Mark met in 1980 during his two year Peace Corps tour in the southern Philippines. They worked together in the areas of nutrition and sanitation. When Mark left the Philippines he moved to the community of Stelle, Illinois (two miles north of the Greenhouse B&B). Guia later brought the children to the U.S. and we lived in Stelle until moving in 1986 to the farmhouse that is now the B&B.

Our family at our 25th wedding anniversary in 2009.

We have discovered that one of the most pleasing aspects of running a bed and breakfast is getting to know our guests.  Because the layout of our house is designed for a family, when you stay with us you become part of our family.  We have met people with the most interesting backgrounds and stories, and are grateful for the many long term friendships this has inspired.  Often we are sad to see our guests leave.  If you are attracted to or resonate with our lifestyle, perhaps a stay with us will establish a lasting friendship with you as well.

We welcome your visit and make every attempt to help your stay be an enjoyable one.

Mark and Guia Hoffman



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