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Our Chickens

We have raised chickens since 1986, focusing on heavy breeds that are good for both egg laying and as meat birds. They are also much more colorful than egg laying breeds and meat breeds, such as Cornish Cross, and are a favorite with our guests. Over those years, we have also raised guineas, ducks, and geese. We now have settled on raising just chickens and guineas.  All the eggs we serve guests at breakfast are from our own flock.

Chickens At Sunrise_edited_edited.jpg

By breeding our own chickens, we have created a colorful flock. 


During early spring and in fall we let the hens roam the yard. Summertime is off-limits as they can be very hard on flower beds and gardens.


A Buff Orpington rooster. These are a large, attractive breed and also gentle. 


For years we have hatched our own eggs, either in an incubator, or under a hen.


Chicks hatching in the incubator.

Baby Chicks.JPG

Cute and noisy at this age.

Growing Chi ks.JPG

At about 3 weeks of age. Once they are fully feathered, they no longer need a heat lamp for warmth.

Guineas on Deck.jpg

We also raise guinea fowl. They roam the yard eating ticks, bugs, and seeds. 


Guineas are inquisitive and noisy, and they lay wonderful eggs (if you can find their nest.)

Chicks peeping in the incubator.

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