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Although we are located in the heart of farm country, you can find nearby local attractions such as; the Kankakee River State park, the historical town of Pontiac, and the unique Adventures Unlimited bookstore.

If you feel like staying put, here are a few things you might do at the Greenhouse Bed and Breakfast:

  • Be entertained by our chickens and guinea hens

  • Take a nap in the hammock.

  • Read a book.

  • Tour the gardens and orchard.

  • Stargaze.

  • Enjoy a sunrise or sunset.

  • Check out the koi and frogs, or just relax at the lily pond.

  • Listen to the night sounds.

  • Smell the flowers in one of Guia's many flower beds.

  • Enjoy a campfire at the fire pit.

  • Have a discussion with Mark and Guia on sustainability, gardening, permaculture, cooking, or beekeeping.

  • Fly a kite, or fly your own drone.

  • Watch a movie.

  • Enjoy the warmth of the woodstove (winter only).

  • Watch a farm tractor or combine operate in the adjacent fields


If you are here in late summer or early fall, you might be able to watch Mark extract honey.


Relax in a hammock


Enjoy sunrise from the upper deck

Pond and Pergola.JPG

Relax by the lily pond

Deck east view.JPG

Relax in the shade of the main deck

Pink Clematis.JPG

Enjoy Guia's array of flowers


Tour our diverse garden

Black Spangled Rooster.jpg

Check out our colorful flock

Frog on frog.JPG

Frog on frog - count all the frogs in the lily pond


Enjoy the view from the upper deck


Watch honey extraction

Soybean harvest.JPG

Watch local farmers


Have a night time campfire

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